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Lavender Lemon - Wholesale Mini Bath Bombs
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Lavender Lemon - Wholesale Mini Bath Bombs

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Lavender Wholesale Mini Bath Bombs
(For any questions before ordering please email aubscents@gmail.com)
Scent: Lavender Lemon
Size: 2 Inch
Weight: 2.6oz
Color: Purple
Oil: Rice Bran Oil
Herbs: Yes, Lavender Seeds
FREE ingredient labels come with all READY TO SHIP Bath Bomb Orders 
(Custom labels are available at request please email aubscents@gmail.com)

For customized wholesale bath bomb orders please fill out this form and someone will get back to you within the next 24 hours.



What is Customized Wholesale bath bomb order you ask?

-Want to change the scent 

-Want custom Labels 

-Want to change the color of bath bomb

-Need a custom amount that isn't showing available

If so you would be considered a customized wholesale bath bomb order so please fill out this form https://aubscents.com/pages/wholesale

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