My name is Tamara and I'm the Owner & Founder of AubScents. I'm a mom to a beautiful, amazing, outgoing daughter. I created AubScents during a stressful time in my life. At the time I lost my grandmother to cancer and had to deal with the pain of her wanting to meet my freshly newborn but having to make the hard decision of thinking "Should I take my 1 month old to the hospital with a weak immune system. OR "Have faith she will push through and come home to meet her". I made the hard decision to keep my newborn home safe while I headed to visit my grandmother in the hospital. And it ended up being a decision that would hurt in the end my grandmother passed without meeting my daughter. Dealing with the hurt and pain of life I truly didn't know which path to take. During that time the company I was working for promised me I would be able to come back after having my daughter let me go with no warning. I've had to deal with several unhealthy work environments. To the point of where my mental health was being affected. I believe GOD showed me a way through formulating products and allowing my gifted hands to create bath bombs push me into the skincare field. Stepping out on faith to make a  difference hasn't been easy, But with passion and determination to make an impact on healthy work environments I created AubScents.



My Mission is to grow AubScents to the point where I am able to provide jobs for my community. It is VERY IMPORTANT to me to be able to create and show others what a healthy work environment feels like. A skincare Routine and your daily environment's go hand and hand with taking care of yourself and keeping up with a healthy mindset.

Regular exfoliation can also help prevent clogged pores, resulting in fewer breakouts. Which would put less stress on our day to day physical appearance.



 Never, Give up on yourself or your dream you can make anything happen for yourself. It may take longer than you want. But have faith in yourself DREAM BIG AND NEVER STOP TRYING!!